Conflict Management

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is one or more coaching sessions that focus on skills, strategies, mindsets, and goals for productively managing and engaging in conflict, including one-time situations, recurring conflict, or habitual patterns. 


  • Publishers may desire conflict coaching for themselves, their employees, and/or their authors.

  • Publishing employees may wish to manage conflict with a co-worker, boss, or author. 

  • Authors may wish to manage conflict with their publisher or agent.

  • Writers may wish to manage conflict with their clients, friends, or family

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Difficult Conversations


There are two ways I can help with a difficult conversation:

  • Coaching - Prepare you for a difficult conversation, think through desired outcome/s, rehearse options, etc.

  • Mediations (see below) - Facilitate a difficult conversation between you and another party



Hire Conspire Creative to be your offsite ombuds, to help handle employee, customer, and vendor concerns with independence, neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality, and informality. Email Sharon Woodhouse at to set up an informational phone call.


No one likes conflict, but heated disputes and unexpected impasses—not to mention protracted and expensive lawsuits—can be particularly damaging and draining to your creative work and the resources and relationships of a small business. We encourage and offer mediation services for affordable, timely, and amicable conflict resolution.

What Is Mediation?


Mediation is a form of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) in which a neutral and impartial mediator assists disputing parties in discussing and tackling their differences and working out their own solutions and agreement. As such, it promotes self-determination and puts the power into the hands of those in conflict rather than in an external authority. It is a straightforward but powerful and effective process that addresses the needs and interests of both sides with a very high rate of satisfaction among participants. As it happens outside the formal legal system, it is far more timely, affordable, and amicable than litigation. Resolving your business disputes through mediation can provide peace of mind, improve quality of life, restore relationships, and allow you to get back to the work you love.

Restore Working Relationships

Are you experiencing distressing conflict in any of your critical business relationships? Do not prolong the time, energy, and financial stresses on yourself, your team, or your business. Contact us today to discuss mediation options.


  • Employer–Employee

  • Employee–Employee

  • CompanyVendor

  • CompanyCustomer

  • ContractorClient

  • AuthorPublisher

  • AuthorAgent