Self as Authority: #28 of 28 Big Ideas from the World of Coaching

This article is twenty-ninth in a multi-part series that adapts and excerpts my entire book, The Coach Within: 28 Big Ideas for Engaging the Power of Your Own Wisdom, Creativity, and Choices* (Everything Goes Media, 2017).


28. Self as Authority

To close this series, let me emphasize something fundamental to coaching that has run through the entire series: You are the authority on you. This basic premise is behind the flourishing of coaching as a vital arena of human potential and development.

Coaching as a field believes in you as a source of valuable knowing — and recognizes, grows, and supports your ability to tap into that. You are enough. You are whole. You know best. You’re in charge. Coaching concepts and tools can help promote and reinforce that, allowing you to hone and employ the skills that optimize this truth.

Another meaning of self as authority is you as author, the author of your own life. You are writing, spinning, devising your own story — past, present, and future. Its plots, subplots, tangents, and adventures. Its revisions and deletions as necessary, or as creativity suggests.

It’s here I want to leave you, a supreme and self-determining being, with tools in hand and a volume of blank pages ahead to fill as you wish.

Thanks so much for persisting through this material and exploring with me some of the ideas and possibilities of coaching. May this introduction to coaching continue to inspire your efforts, amplify your abilities, and be a springboard to many good things.


Your Coaching To-Do’s

Let’s do a quick review of the material presented in this book:

⎕ To coach yourself, start with a meta tool box with the instruments of meditation, walking, writing, and practice at your disposal, along with the basic coaching model: set an agenda and a takeaway, ask yourself open-ended questions, peel the onion until you shift, acknowledge your arrival at a new place, and hold yourself accountable for a next step based on your new awareness.

⎕ You are a creator! Bring about desired states, preferred outcomes, and your best, evolving life by creating them and taking responsibility for making it so. Use getting curious, possibility-thinking, and idealizing to figure out what it is you want and what is possible for you.

Know your priorities, evaluate the costs/benefits/tradeoffs of a situation, set your intentions, and take action.

⎕ Use slowing it down, self-care, balance, and being not doing to properly care for yourself along the way.

⎕ When things get rough try being with yourself and not your problems, making yourself right (right now!), and engaging your inner video game hero.

⎕ Play bigger by thinking bigger, practicing gratitude, experiencing plenty, and loving more.

⎕ You are the author of your life and your future — your own ultimate authority. Get ready to turn the page and begin writing and living the next chapter.

⎕ Re-read this summary slowly. Did you catch all twenty-eight coaching concepts? Were you able to recall the essence of each lesson? Make a note of any you’d like to review in the coming week.

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