Work Is the Price of Money

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Sometimes we need the reminder that work is the price of money. Photo by Brooke Cagle, from Unsplash.

Micro-doses of support if your job or self-employment

weigh on you today.

My husband said it, the sort of engineer-speak I know and love him for, and as I haven’t found another source for this utterance, I’m attributing it to him until I know better.

It’s wrong in a literal sense, of course. Just think of all the housework, emotional work, and caregiving that go on in the world without compensation or fair trade.

Still, it’s useful for those times we’re ruing our job or self-employment status: The cost of money is doing work others value.

If this reality weighs on you today, can I offer you some micro-doses of support?

  • Strategies

  • Wisdom, such as it is

  • Self-care

  • Being right, right now

  • A Covid koan

  • Hugs