“Sharon Woodhouse advised me on each step in the development of my upcoming book and edited it, and I heartily recommend her. She has years of experience and has observed what has worked in the marketplace and what has not. She is a rare combination of big-picture thinking and attention to detail—she sees ways to transform a single title into a future book series, yet she also notices style inconsistencies and specific publicity opportunities. In developing my book, I met several experts who focused on areas for improvement, but Sharon is positive and is quick to note what is good about your book, not just what is wrong. She is a joy and an inspiration to work with.”



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Results were astounding...so smart and knowledgeable

October 8, 2018

"Sharon Woodhouse was the perfect complement to help me self-publish my first book, Bandstand Diaries, an American Bandstand tribute book. As my esse...

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