Experienced, knowledgeable, deeply and variously skilled, flexible, and encouraging

"I had written a book and was working my way toward publishing it, and there came a point when I was stuck and overwhelmed with the process. I was tired, intimidated, wondered how I could possibly take the next step, the one after that, pull all the pieces together. It was a lucky and wonderful accident that I found Sharon Woodhouse, but maybe not such an accident, because one of the people I contacted for help said, 'I know just the consultant for you!' I am so grateful for that. Once I started working with Sharon, the pieces came together. I realized, there was a lot I could do for myself, but that I wasn't on this journey alone. Sharon helps me play to my strengths and she supports me in all the areas where I feel under-resourced. She's experienced, knowledgeable, deeply and variously skilled, flexible, and encouraging. She is networked with other people in the business and a fantastic writer and publisher herself. If you are trying to start a book, trying to finish a book, stuck or needing guidance in any part of the process, you've come to the right place."

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