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ABOUT Conspire Creative

Conspire Creative offers strategic collaboration services for post-publishing author rewards: coaching, publishing consulting, project management, and author business development/management.

Whether you’re new or established. Self-published or traditionally published. Whether you have one book or many. If you write fiction or nonfiction. If your books are trade, children’s, scholarly, professional, art, or educational books. Print, digital, and/or audio.


Yes, we’re universalists when it comes to authors, but we do specialize in…

  • Customizing our approach and offerings to meet your needs.

  • Leading and cheerleading with levity and depth, lending you our appreciation and enthusiasm, and holding your author vision possible while you work to make it so.

  • Supporting, encouraging, and teaching about the creation of holistic and profitable author careers and businesses.

  • Delivering deep listening, new ideas, experience- and evidenced-based advice, better approaches, personalized support, excellence, creativity, integrity, customer service, and real results.


Our clients have included all manner of authors, publishers, creatives, business owners, thought leaders, project leaders, consultants, academics, tradespeople, public figures, corporate dropouts, mid-lifers in transition, students, and retirees.


They have come from the arts, the trades, business, academia, law, government, medicine, engineering, science, nonprofits, museums, fundraising, finance, entertainment, media, journalism, and four different continents.





About Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is the owner of Conspire Creative and Everything Goes Media. More...

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