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Personal, business, conflict, transition, crisis, and “philosophy of life” coaching for solo pros, creatives, authors, multipreneurs, and small business owners. Sliding-scale rates, where you’re at, for all serious and coachable clients. 


What do you, your life, and your enterprises need?

Coaching may be for you if you need help…

  • Staying accountable to your own goals and plans.

  • Increasing revenues.

  • Improving customer, employee, or other relationships.

  • Focusing on what’s important.

  • Deciding what’s important.

  • Aligning priorities and values with daily activities.

  • Simplifying an overstuffed life or a high-stress business.

  • Amplifying what’s good and handling, neutralizing, or eliminating the rest.

  • Finding the work/life balance you desire.

  • Moving beyond burnout to what’s next.

  • Fine tuning an already high-quality situation.

  • Managing and executing a major project.

  • Juggling multiple businesses, income streams, or endeavors.

  • Changing a professional image or reputation.

  • Staying grounded and planning for the future in a disrupted industry.

  • Transitioning into or out of self-employment.

  • Playing bigger and operating with more fun, joy, and peace of mind.

  • Navigating through a disability, a loss, or other crisis.

  • Taking your business, writing, art, or cause to the next level.


Tap into the power of your own strengths, creativity, and wisdom, bolstered by the support, wisdom, and resources of a coach 100% on your side.

Sharon Woodhouse is a Certified Professional Coach through Coach Training Alliance and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Schedule a free informational call to discuss a customized way we can work together towards your goals, business success, and desired future. 


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