Personal, business, conflict, transition, crisis, and “philosophy of life” coaching for writers, authors, publishers, content entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others who work in the book publishing world and related fields. Sliding-scale rates, where you’re at, for all serious and coachable clients. Contact us when you need to accomplish concrete things under tough circumstances, including the everyday tough that is this industry!


What do you, your life, and your enterprises need?

Coaching may be for you if you need help…

  • Staying accountable to your own goals and plans.

  • Increasing revenues.

  • Improving customer, employee, or other relationships.

  • Focusing on what’s important.

  • Deciding what’s important.

  • Aligning priorities and values with daily activities.

  • Simplifying an overstuffed life or a high-stress business.

  • Amplifying what’s good and handling, neutralizing, or eliminating the rest.

  • Finding the work/life balance you desire.

  • Moving beyond burnout to what’s next.

  • Fine tuning an already high-quality situation.

  • Managing and executing a major project.

  • Juggling multiple businesses, income streams, or endeavors.

  • Changing a professional image or reputation.

  • Staying grounded and planning for the future in a disrupted industry.

  • Transitioning into or out of self-employment.

  • Playing bigger and operating with more fun, joy, and peace of mind.

  • Navigating through a disability, a loss, or other crisis.

  • Taking your business, writing, art, or cause to the next level.


Tap into the power of your own strengths, creativity, and wisdom, bolstered by the support, wisdom, and resources of a coach 100% on your side.


Contact me for a free initial coaching session (no strings or obligations) and to discover a customized way we can work together towards your goals, business success, and desired future. Call 773.562.5499 or email.

Sharon Woodhouse is a Certified Professional Coach through Coach Training Alliance and a member of the International Coach Federation.