Conspire Creative offers strategic conversations and support services for writers, authors, publishers, creative enterprises, and small businesses, as well as for those just starting out in any of these areas, working in related fields, or juggling multiple such projects or enterprises (by choice, circumstance, or default).

Who We Help

  • Authors, writers, journalists, and other content creators

  • Independent publishers, hybrid publishers, self-publishers, and other content entrepreneurs

  • Consultants, freelancers, and other solo professionals in related fields

  • Small firms and nonprofits in related fields

  • Multipreneurs and portfolio careerists in related fields​​

Our clients have included all manner of authors, creatives, business owners, thought leaders, project leaders, consultants, academics, tradespeople, public figures, corporate dropouts, midlifers in transition, and retirees.


They have come from the arts, the trades, business, academia, law, government, medicine, engineering, science, nonprofits, museums, fundraising, finance, entertainment, media, and journalism.

How We Help

We help with a full gamut of consulting, coaching, and mediation/conflict management services. See the overview of these services here.

What's our specialty? New ideas, better approaches, customized support, and real results. We apply intellect, creativity, intuition, integrity, and a spirit of customer service, and deliver excellence for you and your project/business concerns at a fair price.

About Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is the owner of Conspire Creative and Everything Goes Media. More...