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We offer a range of services to support you and your place in the book world.
Customized author coaching/publishing consulting hybrid sessions for:
  • Author milestones and goals
Accountability, strategy, and mindset coaching paired with industry perspective and expertise to work on an author goal or goals (e.g., finishing a book, finding an agent, finding a publisher, self-publishing, business development).
  • Author business development, goals, and management
Accountability, strategy, mindset, and logistics coaching and support for building a holistic author enterprise, i.e., generating income from your combined book/s, author status, experience, and expertise. 
Flexible scheduling and pricing options available. More...

One Hour Call with a Publishing Pro

Talk to a book publishing professional and ask all your questions about writing a book, publishing a book, book marketing, and the book business. Get the answers, information, inspiration, options, and suggestions you didn't know you needed. Each pro has over 15 years of deep and varied experience in the book publishing world. Don’t wait! See our topic directory, prepare your questions, and let one of our pros help you get your book project off to a strong start. More...

On-Demand Email Advice

Pay-by-the-minute email advice. Save yourself time, money, and effort. Just ask us. Ask all your author, publishing, book marketing, and book business questions by email as they come up and pay by the minute for answers. Most answers to your vexing questions take only 1-20 minutes to answer. 90% of questions answered for clients take only 3-5 minutes. More...

A Profitable Author Life You Love
  • Create a sustainable side income from a single book or books for 3-10+ years!

  • Customize your author life to meet your needs.

  • Make marketing and sales fun and easy for you.

  • Achieve other life goals through your book.

  • Enjoy yourself, your hobbies, and new relationships along the way.

  • In short, transform your author experience from one of overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, and disappointment into one of enjoyment, personal and professional expansion, and more money.

Consulting & Project Management


Strategic support and nuts-and-bolts advice for authors, publishers, and content enterprises from a working publisher. Sharon Woodhouse has been working on the front lines of her own publishing companies for 25+ years, staying current, experimenting from within—and at the outer edges of—the industry, helping authors meet their financial and life goals from their books, and most importantly—learning how to make a living and stay in the grand, ever-changing world of book publishing. Let her and her team help you. We have quick, as-you-need-it email and phone advice, ongoing assistance, project management, coaching-consulting options, and more.
To book a free 30-minute publishing consult to discuss your project, click here.

Business & Legacy Books
Does your business have an anniversary coming up? Is your founder retiring? Does your organization have valuable content to share with the world? Your milestone may still be one, two, or three years away, but it's not too soon to think about how publishing a book can help your company properly acknowledge the occasion. More...
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