Strategic support and nuts-and-bolts advice for authors, publishers, and content enterprises from a working publisher. I have been working on the front lines of my own publishing companies for 24 years, staying current, experimenting from within—and at the outer edges of—the industry, helping authors meet their financial and life goals from their books, and most importantly—learning how to make a living and stay in the grand, ever-changing world of book publishing. Let me help you. We have pay-by-the-minute advice, ongoing assistance, project management, coaching-consulting options, and more. To book a publishing consult, click here.


Writing, editing, and publishing support to accomplish your business and personal goals. Explore all our options: all aspects of book publishing, author editorial services, editorial polish, content creation, project management, print buying, and publicity and social media services. For help with business books to mark major organizational milestones, click here.


Personal, business, transition, crisis, and “philosophy of life” coaching for authors, publishers, content entrepreneurs, and freelancers and small business owners in related fields. Sliding-scale rates, where you’re at, for all serious and coachable clients. More... 



No one likes conflict, but heated disputes and unexpected impasses—not to mention protracted and expensive lawsuits—can be particularly damaging and draining to your creative work and the resources and relationships of a small business. We encourage and offer non-attorney mediation services for affordable, timely, and amicable conflict resolution. Learn more about mediation and its benefit to your endeavors.