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Author Business Model Worksheet

This is a 19-tab spreadsheet that helps you customize an author income plan/business model that works for you.

It is based on 15 broad categories of author income we have identified in our years as book publishers, publishing consultants, and author entrepreneurship coaches.

Use this worksheet to:

  • Refine and tweak an author business plan

  • Learn about and test a range of author/book income sources

  • Estimate and forecast your earnings

  • Track actual income and plan ahead


This product comes with a FREE 12-month membership in our private Facebook group, A Profitable Author Life You Love, a group that helps you create a solid path forward for building, working on, or maintaining a holistic, income-generating, sustainable author career, business, or sideline you love...and, one customized around your interests, abilities, preferences, and personality.


Webinar: How to Create a Profitable Author Life You Love

This webinar may change your entire experience of being an author!


Learn how to transform your perspective from one of uncertainty, anxiety, and disappointment into one of enjoyment, personal and professional expansion, and earning income.

Implement the habits, mindsets, and approaches Sharon Woodhouse has seen and helped hundreds of authors use to improve your book, expertise, author status, and other areas of your non-writing life as well.

  • Build a sustainable side income from your book/s, author status, and expertise that can last 3-10+ years.

  • Increase book sales, exposure for yourself and your book, and your author reputation in a way that’s comfortable for you while meeting other life goals along the way.

  • Identify your strengths, interests, other priorities, and larger life goals.

  • Discover ways of marketing and selling your book that can be fun and easy.

  • Customize a rewarding author life. 

  • more...

Working with Spreadsheets

Webinar/Workshop: Build and Customize an Author Business Model

In her 25+ years experimenting with all aspects of book publishing, indie book publisher, publishing entrepreneur, publishing consultant, and author coach Sharon Woodhouse has seen and helped authors develop and use various income sources to create ongoing, sustainable income for themselves.

Follow along as she walks you through her proprietary spreadsheet for estimating and tracking 15 different types of author income and start putting into place your own ideal business model. This tool is flexible enough to allow for your own experimentation and adjusting course as needed.

What this workshop will cover:

  • Establish an author business model that you can refine going forward.

  • Expand your ideas about how to market and sell your books and make a good living as a creative.

  • Learn about 15 types of author income and how other authors mix and match them to build sustainable enterprises.

  • Create an income-generation plan at the level you desire.

  • Use this tool to estimate and forecast your earnings.

  • Use this tool to track actual income and plan ahead.

  • Q&A

  • more...

Front cover of book, "Pitch What's True: A Publisher's Tools for Navigating Your Best Path to a Published Nonfiction Book"

Pitch What's True: A Publisher's Tools for Navigating Your Best Path to a Published Nonfiction Book


Discover, then showcase the true value of your nonfiction book. 

  • Get your soul into the contemporary publishing game!

  • Use a veteran publisher’s tools, checklists, hard-earned advice, and fundamental notions to your advantage.

  • Explore in detail what a publisher considers in terms of book, author, and sales and marketing opportunities in advance of giving a book contract.

  • Do the exercises to keep yourself on track, probe all you have to offer, and create the best thinking on your content.

  • Craft top-notch work and an authentic proposal package…for a publisher, for your readers, and to meet your own goals and expectations.

  • Follow a step-by-step strategic cheat sheet for finding and contacting the optimal publishers for your book. more...

Front cover of the book, "The Coach Within: 28 Big Ideas for Engaging the Power of Your Own Wisdom, Creativity, and Choices"

The Coach Within: 28 Big Ideas for Engaging the Power of Your Own Wisdom, Creativity, and Choices

Meet the coach within. Your thinking, seeing, doing, and being will never be the same once you’ve encountered the power of creativity, responsibility, being with yourself and not your problems, self-care, getting curious, being right (right now), tipping the scale, playing big, and 20 more big ideas from the world of coaching. more...

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