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The Coach Within

Front cover of the book, "The Coach Within: 28 Big Ideas for Engaging the Power of Your Own Wisdom, Creativity, and Choices

The Coach Within: 28 Big Ideas for Engaging the Power

of Your Own Wisdom, Creativity, and Choices

By Sharon Woodhouse


ISBN/Format/Price: 978-1-893121-31-7, paperback, $12.95

ISBN/Format/Price: 978-1-7341452-76-8, Kindle ebook, $3.99

Page Count: 130 pp.

Format: Paperback, workbook

Publication Date: September 2017

A Powerful Inner Toolkit

Whether you are familiar with the field of coaching or brand new to it, The Coach Within helps you explore what coaching has to offer from a new angle. While we typically think of coaching as a relationship between two people, coaching is also a collection of ideas and practices. It’s a growing toolkit with elements that can be explored, learned, and implemented on one’s own, in relationship with oneself. Hence, the coach within.


Coaching is a flourishing and continually evolving field and there's a good reason for that. Not only is it a highly-effective and validating process for expanding one’s life and bringing about desired outcomes and new realities, but it is a concept whose time has come—a system of beliefs and approaches so in tune with what the world needs and where we're all heading. Its techniques, underpinnings, and values can be used on ourselves and with others, on concerns small or mighty, and in all fields of endeavor.


Engage your own inner coach with the exercises in this book and start benefiting immediately from improved ways to tackle your problems, fresh approaches to relationships and communication, life hacks for your habits, real movement towards your goals and dreams, and insights into sustaining happiness and overall thriving.


Your thinking, seeing, doing, and being will never be the same once you’ve encountered the power of creativity, responsibility, being with yourself and not your problems, self-care, getting curious, being right (right now), tipping the scale, playing big, and 20 more big ideas from the world of coaching.

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