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Strategic guidance; smart, incisive, and a joy to work with

“Sharon Woodhouse provided invaluable support to me, as a first-time author, as I prepared for the launch of my book. Sharon is smart, incisive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Sharon’s industry expertise, strategic guidance, and coaching to anyone who is looking for support as they pursue their goals.”

Octavia Goredema, career coach and author of Prep, Push, Pivot: Essential Career Strategies for
Underrepresented Women

Respect for artists, business savvy, multi-faceted creative ideas

Sharon's respect for artists, business savvy, multi-faceted creative ideas, and positivity are a rare and powerful combination."

Stacey Lane, playwright, author, editor

Recommending the One Hour with a Publisher Service

I first contacted Sharon Woodhouse once I had the beginnings of my book. I had never written a book before and I recognized her name from the many books in my library that she published during her years at Lake Claremont Press. Armed with a list of questions that I had written on a notepad, I called Sharon for some consultation. She was able to answer my questions and assure me that my method of writing and tracking my updates as well as having a format to eventually share my book with publishers was acceptable. She shared tips for writing as well as gave me insight as to what publishers expected, what percentage of the revenue I would likely receive if I was to get published, and how distribution worked and how I could boost my profits. I heeded her advice, and over the next year I continued with my book. Now, nearly finished and ready to shop it around to publishers, I called on Sharon once again. This time I had more specific questions and I had thoughtfully went over the list of questions that she had sent me to consider when searching for a publisher. Sharon gave me tips on how I could promote interest in my writing subject and thus help convince publishers my book was worth publishing. I valued every minute that I got to speak with Sharon Woodhouse, and consider it the best money spent in my effort to get published.

—Robert Bank, Postcards from Chicago

Thorough, reliable, and caring; truly helpful

Sharon has been a thorough, reliable, and caring coach for my nonprofit and business endeavors. She has truly been helpful as I set out to make my entrepreneur goals a reality.

—Tsiltiyah Fogle, Chesed Life Builders

Her sense of style and dedication to perfection are impeccable.

I’ve worked with Sharon Woodhouse on three legacy books. She is my ‘go to’ publishing project manager although that title doesn’t do her creativity justice. Under Sharon’s direction, the designers, editors, printers, and occasional genealogist she handpicks to fit every project create books that recall the days when classics lined private bookshelves. That said, I’ve seen some of the modern books she’s produced and they deserve equal credit. Her sense of style and dedication to perfection are impeccable. She edits with a fine, clean touch that any writer would appreciate. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hand a manuscript or a client over to Sharon. She is a gifted professional.”

Sharon Barrett, author and ghostwriter

Results were smart and knowledgeable

“Sharon Woodhouse was the perfect complement to help me self-publish my first book, Bandstand Diaries, an American Bandstand tribute book. As my essential Project Manager, she arranged for a top-quality book cover designer, interior graphic designer, printer, indexer, etc., and the results were astounding. Sharon was patient when I wasn't, enthused when I was in deadline dilemmas, and so smart and knowledgeable about anything I queried her on. She is able to help you with as much or as little as you need. "I highly recommend Sharon for book publishing and project management.”

—Sharon Sultan Cutler, publisher, Coney Island Press

The best occasional friend an author or publisher could have

“Actually, she’s a friend all the time. But rather than having an ongoing retainer relationship, as I really don’t need her marvelous help on a daily or weekly basis, I’m able to bounce questions, run thoughts and ideas past her on an as-needed basis. She keeps me thinking straight and focused on the important things, and charges only for the time involved. This is someone to add to your resource list and reach out to whenever you need clear, experienced advice.”

—Jim Laughren, president, Crosstown Publishing

Extremely wise, a powerhouse of information

“Sharon Woodhouse is an extremely wise publishing consultant and small press publisher. She is a powerhouse of information about publishing and writing.”

Kim Bookless, self-publishing consultant, writer

The hands down expert...a genius at all aspects of business and marketing and a gold mine of insight

“As both an author and a tour company owner in ridiculously competitive Chicago markets, I have to constantly hustle to make sure my books and tours are constantly found by potential new customers. As the hands down expert at this, Sharon Woodhouse has been invaluable time and time again for advice ranging from creating customer mailing lists to staging large events. When I recently approached her for advice on whether to do a direct mailing to teachers she advised me to instead hold a reception for them and use the direct mail funds to treat them to food and drink AND get them in the same room with me to pitch my books and history tours. The 'Why didn't I think of that' factor is always in play when I consult Sharon. She's a genius at all aspects of business and marketing and a gold mine of insight from experience.”

—Ursula Bielski, author, historian, owner Ghost Ship Scentporium

A special combination of street smarts and passion that makes her a great person to work with

“Sharon has that special combination of street smarts and passion that makes her a great person to work with and also has made her an especially savvy editor and publisher. Her knowledge and love for Chicago is apparent with each book she publishes and when she puts her stamp of approval on something you can bank on it that the end product will deliver.”

—Brian Bernardoni, Governmental Affairs Director

A priceless blend of wide-ranging business savvy, energy, and dedication to every project

“Sharon Woodhouse’s warmth and low-key manner inspire confidence and create a nurturing space for ideas and fresh ways to present them. She brings a priceless blend of wide-ranging business savvy, energy, and dedication to every project, and her astute slant on subject matter is incisive, embracing, often playful, and always as unique as the contribution she has already made to the publishing world. As she lends her integrity and spirited guidance to the changing realm of what we read and how we choose to read it, Sharon Woodhouse’s influence will ensure a lively and engrossing legacy for all who love where the written word can take them.”

—Jean Kozlowski, Cricket in the Corner

A rare combination of big-picture thinking and attention to detail

“Sharon Woodhouse advised me on each step in the development of my upcoming book and edited it, and I heartily recommend her. She has years of experience and has observed what has worked in the marketplace and what has not. She is a rare combination of big-picture thinking and attention to detail—she sees ways to transform a single title into a future book series, yet she also notices style inconsistencies and specific publicity opportunities. In developing my book, I met several experts who focused on areas for improvement, but Sharon is positive and is quick to note what is good about your book, not just what is wrong. She is a joy and an inspiration to work with.”

—Diana Schneidman, author,

Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less

I have yet to find anyone more knowledgeable about what it takes to thrive in the publishing world

“Sharon is not only a dynamic businesswoman but also an incredible employer. She is extremely passionate about publishing and talented at creating polished, successful projects. Sharon knows exactly what it takes to promote a book and she remains dedicated to these projects throughout their entirety. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable, organized, and thoughtful and these attributes allow her to hone in on projects with potential and turn them into flourishing books. Sharon is so easy to work for, and I have yet to find anyone more knowledgeable about what it takes to thrive in the publishing world than Sharon!”

—Rachael Patrick, freelancer

Deep understanding, a great resource as we grew our publishing business

“Sharon Woodhouse has been a great resource as we grew our publishing business. Her deep understanding of the ins and outs of publishing and years of experience were invaluable to us. As new publishers there were many questions we had about the industry and Sharon's insightful answers pointed us in the right direction and helped us avoid many of the pitfalls that new publishers face.”

—Xing Xiong, publisher, Blackbird Publishing

Her commitment to Chicago and its publishing scene was remarkable, an invaluable contact and sounding board

“My professional association with Sharon began when I contributed to a book she was publishing at Lake Claremont Press. Though my part was small and the stakes were low, I found Sharon wonderful to work with. Her honesty and sense of humor made communication a delight, and her commitment to Chicago and its publishing scene was remarkable. It's been a pleasure to know and work with Sharon in the years since then, and she has become an invaluable contact and sounding board. Anyone who wants to learn more about niche and regional publishing, about creative book marketing, or the realities of the book market today, should definitely talk to Sharon.”

Keir Graff, author

A joy to work with—creative, kind, and successful

“Sharon was a joy to work with. She is the ideal person I would choose work with again and again. Creative, kind, and successful are the three words I would use to describe her work with authors and other creative talents. Rare gifts indeed!”

—Joseph Ornelas, Executive Producer

I've come to appreciate her discerning judgment, honest opinions, and the considerable publishing skills

“If you're a writer seeking someone to consider your ideas or publish your work, and you are seeking someone who is sincere, knowledgeable, genuinely caring, honest, and a hands-on businessperson—Stop! You've found that very specific person in Sharon. In the ten years I've known her, I've come to appreciate her discerning judgment, honest opinions, and the considerable publishing skills she brings to every meeting or transaction, whether it be social or business. I make recommendations seriously and deliberately and have no issues with highly recommending Sharon.”

—CJ Martello, author, Petals from Roseland


Considerable editorial and publishing judgment as well as an extensive network of contacts and impressive people skills

“Over the past several years, I have worked with Sharon Woodhouse on several occasions, and it has always been a pleasant and rewarding experience. Sharon is very knowledgeable about publishing, marketing, and Chicago history. She has always been willing … no, make that eager … to share her expertise. In addition, I have found myself buying one Lake Claremont Press title after another, for myself and as gifts. These books typically cover an interesting local story or angle, and do so with panache. This is a testament to Sharon’s considerable editorial and publishing judgment as well as her extensive network of contacts and impressive people skills.”

Greg Borzo, author

No matter the genre, Sharon has a keen insight into publishing and has kept current with the ever-changing publishing technology

“Sharon has been my mentor for more than ten years. When I first told her about my idea to self-publish a Chicago tea guidebook, she helped me strategize how to market the book, how to find a distributor, and where to sell the book. Her plans for my book stretched beyond the traditional publishing milieu. I've since started a new publishing project. Sharon took time out of her busy schedule to read my manuscript and provide valuable feedback and encouragement. No matter the genre, Sharon has a keen insight into publishing and has kept current with the ever-changing publishing technology. Sharon is also reliable and very personable.”

Susan Blumberg-Kason, author, Good Chinese Wife


A lifelong learner, a hardworker, endless ideas

“Sharon is a publishing expert, and not purely because she built her own publishing company from scratch. It’s because she’s a lifelong learner and a hard worker. She’s not afraid of trying new things and approaching problems in new ways. Sharon has endless ideas.”

—Therese Newman, McCrone Research Institute


Expertise in all phases of publishing and promoting, and a direct and commonsense approach to business

“Sharon Woodhouse's new venture, Conspire Creative, was found to be a good fit for my second manuscript. Her wealth of publishing experience is a blessing, helpful suggestions and guidance that proved correct. She excelled at coordinating the talents and schedules of the expert team put together to design, edit, and lay out my book. Leaving the final decisions on details to me gave me comfort that the final product is my book. Sharon is exceptional with her enthusiasm for producing good books, interest and intimacy for Chicago, expertise in all phases of publishing and promoting, and her direct and commonsense approach to business. Working with Sharon is easy, enjoyable, and rewarding.”

Dick Lanyon, author

An industry insider with decades of experience: great results, expert, creative

“Consulting services from Sharon Woodhouse are essential for any entrepreneur. Sharon advised me for the marketing and promotion of my book 365 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit. Her guidance was thoughtful, personalized, and very effective. Having access to an industry insider with decades of experience is a huge asset. I highly recommend Sharon Woodhouse as the exceptional source for consulting in publishing, PR, event production, and social media. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

Rachelle Jervis, MBA, author

A thoughtful and entertaining speakerpersonable, expert, and creative

“Sharon's clinic, 'Book Publishing Savvy for Non-fiction Writers - Make Smart Pitches and Smart Choices' is a fact-filled trip through the publishing business guided by an expert who has created a successful house, Lake Claremont Press, amid tough competition. Sharon is a thoughtful and entertaining speaker who listens to her audience and answers questions directly to the point. Time spent in her clinic is very valuable to the first-book author or the published writer. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”

—Gerry Souter, Avril 1 Group

Her professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, and street smarts shepherded me through three books

“Everything I know about books, from the proposal phase to writing and editing the manuscript to promotion, I’ve learned from Sharon Woodhouse. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, and street smarts shepherded me through three books with Lake Claremont Press and gave me a strong platform that helped build my career as an author. Choosing Sharon and her services is a smart choice for anyone in publishing, from novice to seasoned professional.”

Arnie Bernstein, author, Swastika Nation, Bath Massacre, and more

She has shown remarkable tenacity, creativity, and street smarts developing her publishing business

“Sharon is an enterprising, energetic, and entertaining editor, writer, and publisher. She has shown remarkable tenacity, creativity, and street smarts developing her publishing business. Two decades ago her company sprouted from the seed of a small self-published and self-distributed guidebook on how to know a great deal about the city but not spend an arm and a leg while visiting. I'm proud to count Sharon among my business associates, and would recommend her unreservedly for your projects and proposals.”

—Thomas Marzahl, journalist, editor, translator

Experienced, knowledgeable, deeply and variously skilled, flexible, and encouraging

"I had written a book and was working my way toward publishing it, and there came a point when I was stuck and overwhelmed with the process. I was tired, intimidated, wondered how I could possibly take the next step, the one after that, pull all the pieces together. It was a lucky and wonderful accident that I found Sharon Woodhouse, but maybe not such an accident, because one of the people I contacted for help said, 'I know just the consultant for you!' I am so grateful for that. Once I started working with Sharon, the pieces came together. I realized, there was a lot I could do for myself, but that I wasn't on this journey alone. Sharon helps me play to my strengths and she supports me in all the areas where I feel under-resourced. She's experienced, knowledgeable, deeply and variously skilled, flexible, and encouraging. She is networked with other people in the business and a fantastic writer and publisher herself. If you are trying to start a book, trying to finish a book, stuck or needing guidance in any part of the process, you've come to the right place."

—Dov Zeller, author and publisher, Tiny Golem Press

Valuable consulting services, highly recommended

“Sharon Woodhouse has provided valuable consulting services to Lake Street Press. Having run a successful publishing company for a number of years, Woodhouse understands niche marketing, the myriad of details that go into a book, and strategic planning. Consulting with Sharon early in the process of starting up Lake Street Press helped our company avoid serious and costly mistakes. She is generous with the information she provides, and her services are highly recommended.”

—Mary Osborne, publisher, Lake Street Press

An invaluable source of honest and real-life advice...what an amazing asset

“Sharon has been an invaluable source of honest and real-life advice to me as I've moved through the complex process of starting a small press and self-publishing. Whether I had a simple question or needed to understand how things work in this business, she generously answered my queries. What an amazing asset to the local Chicago publishing community!”

—Barbara Geiger, publisher, author, Low-Key Genius


Frank assessment, advice and insight at a critical time

"After the sudden, unexpected death of my agent I suddenly had a completed manuscript with little knowledge of its status with other publishers, what publishing niche I should investigate and pursue, and how best to emphasize its marketability. Sharon's knowledge of the industry, insight about the changing preferences and trends in publishing, and her frank assessment of what might work and what probably would not work regarding my book proved to be invaluable. Her advice and insight at a critical time were most appreciated.”

—Charles N. Billington, sports historian, author, Comiskey Park's Last World Series: A History of the 1959 Chicago White Sox

Thoughtful criticism, advice for editing, productive editing and refinement of manuscript

“Mid-2012 publisher Sharon Woodhouse indicated she believed my memoir had considerable merit. She aided me in assessing my presentation documents and cultivating a list of potential publishers, as I did not want to engage an agent. Her thoughtful criticism of the documents, advice for editing them, and the list she cultivated have led to a productive round of editing and refinement of my manuscript, which I have not yet found a publisher for, but I firmly believe am far closer to achieving thanks to her efforts.”

—S. Kenyon McDermott, educator

"You just ‘got’ who I was and made it easy."

“Thank you so very much for your constant and valuable support. I realized that I just was feeling overwhelmed with all the new aspects of social media and I was not willing to learn it all and do all the social media aspects to keep building my business during a time that I needed to take time off and heal. Your gentle nudges always came at the perfect time. My being able to totally trust your skills and expertise have helped me to relax and know that this aspect of my business is in your totally capable hands. You are efficient and effective and I appreciate our short phone calls that get results. I love how you totally rebuilt my website. You made it so easy for me. I had tried working with three other website people and it was difficult and cumbersome...and they were much more expensive. You just ‘got’ who I was and made it easy. I love that about you! I also appreciate that you find ways to work within my budget and time frame. You are truly a blessing in my life and my business. Thank you for being.”

—Sunni Boehme, author, Diary of a Turkish Wedding

Highly recommended, great skills

“It is with pleasure that I commend Ms. Sharon Woodhouse and her group of commercial enterprises she can call upon to support the efforts of an author or aspiring new author. Conspire Creative and Everything Goes Media provide an array of services that cover all aspects of the publication process. The initial evaluation of a prospective idea for a manuscript, assistance in the recruitment of an internal co-writer and editor, the search for an attractive publisher, and promotion and sales efforts are all activities that were provided to me with great skills in the recent publication of my first book. Again, I recommend Ms. Woodhouse highly.”

—Dr. Terrence R. Dolan, author, retired director, Waisman Center, Madison, WI

Her counsel helped me make the right decisions and avoid mistakes

“As a publisher with years of experience Sharon Woodhouse was able to give me insightful advice on a book contract that went well beyond what a publishing lawyer could provide. Her counsel helped me make the right decision and avoid mistakes. Even better, she provided this advice at a very affordable price. I'd recommend her micro-gig services to any writer wading into the often confusing world of book publishing, particularly when it comes to small presses.”

—Greg Beaubien, writer, author, publisher, Moresby Press

Uniquely effective...a powerful resource

“Sharon Woodhouse’s talents and accomplishments as a writer and publisher make her uniquely effective as a publishing and marketing consultant. At a critical stage in working to publish my guidebook, Sharon provided me with insightful feedback and guidance. Her industry experience coupled with her interest in consulting make her a powerful resource. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”

—Krista August, author, Giants in the Park: A Guide to Portrait Statues in Chicago’s Lincoln Park

Helped us meet our goal with professionalism, vast industry knowledge/experience, and quick turnaround

"Sharon was a pleasure to work with as proof editor for our book. We had a tight deadline and Sharon helped us meet our goal with her professionalism, vast industry knowledge/experience, and quick turnaround."

—Eve Boboch and Kathy Donnelly, authors, The Lifecycle Trade

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