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One Hour Call with Bull Garlington


One Hour Call with Bull Garlington


What you can learn from scheduling a call with Bull Garlington today:

  • How to pitch stories and excerpts to publications for content marketing and exposure—and get paid for it

  • How to find the secret key to targeting your pitches to exactly what an editor needs, when they need it

  • Developing the mindset of pitching the relationship, not the story

  • How to sell reprints

  • All about proper SEO techniques and tools to boost your story to better SERPs

  • Using ticketed events to sell books

  • How to manage an author event, from finding a space to curating an unforgettable experience

  • How to develop marketing collateral and social media content from an event

  • How to turn hourly booksellers into powerful fans

  • The critical steps of managing an author’s visit to a bookstore

  • What booksellers see when an author visits

  • How to make librarians fall in love with you

  • How to create a sell sheet or one sheet for bookstore buyers

  • How to develop and manage an email list without ruining your relationship with your subscribers by being pushy—the beauty and power of relational marketing

  • How to stand up in front of people and talk about yourself without being a complete asshat

  • Using humor to write better copy—and getting away with it

Bull Garlington is an award-winning humorist, columnist, and author with over twenty years of experience in failing at freelancing. He’s written for countless publications both in print and online, including The Orlando Sentinel, Florida Magazine, The Daily Herald, The Oklahoman, Catholic Digest, Chicago Parent, New York Parent, Atlanta Parenting, Fooditor, and The Local Tourist. His short stories have appeared in Bathhouse, Slab, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Garlington publishes the award-winning whiskey website, All American Whiskey, writes the popular “Analog Attorney” column for Attorney at Work, and has used ticketed events such as Eating Vincent Price, The Oxford English Dictionary, and Fat in Paris to market and sell books. He is a former Barnes & Noble manager with eight years of experience at a flagship store where he learned all the secret tricks and hacks stores use to sell books. He understands firsthand how booksellers can fall in love with a visiting writer—or turn on them like a pack of angry raccoons. Garlington has just published Fat in Paris, his second travelogue and follow-up to his 2017 IndieFab Humor Book of the Year, The Full English. Check out his event page here.

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