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One Hour Call with Patricia


One Hour Call with Publisher Patricia Billings


  • Get all your questions about children's book publishing, inclusive and multicultural publishing, international publishing, and translations and bilingual books answered

  • Determine where your book and your voice fit in the marketplace

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your book or book proposal 

  • Discuss essential financial details of traditional vs. self-publishing

  • Receive key tips for submitting your book to publishers

  • Discover options for translating your book

  • Get mindful advice to help cultivate clarity and confidence, to minimize doubt and maximize hope

  • Strategize with a publishing expert on the best publishing path forward for you and your book

"Patricia has discovered and guided so many authors and illustrators to successful publishing careers. She helps them understand not only the market but the importance of always keeping in mind the reader." 

– Sedat Turhan, Cofounder & Director of Milet Publishing 

“These board books are absolutely lovely! A great addition for language learning and social-emotional learning.”

– The Tiny Activist, @thetinyactivists

"Patricia brings tremendous knowledge and provides incredible support."

– Deborah Hallford, Cofounder & Manager of Outside In World 

Patricia Billings is a publisher, editor, author, consultant, and educator. She cofounded Milet Publishing in 1995 and codirected the company for 15 years, based in London, Izmir, and Chicago, growing it into a leading independent publisher of multilingual books, with a list of over 1000 titles in English and 23 languages. In 2010, she moved into the role of editorial director and then consulting publisher for Milet. Patricia has guided hundreds of texts and concepts through development, writing, translating, editing, illustration, design, proofing, and printing, to published books, delivering on time and on budget. She has worked on every thread of the tapestry that connects books to readers, including distribution, sales, marketing, publicity, book fairs and festivals, author and translator events, and outreach to diverse communities. In freelance roles, she has developed, written, and edited educational resources for all levels, and scholarly books for university presses.

Patricia is also the author of a series of inclusive, mindful children's books on social-emotional themes, published by Milet in English and 17 bilingual editions. She is a wisdom worker-consultant for publishing and media clients, guest lecturer at universities, and speaker at academic, professional, and community conferences. A longtime advocate for bilingual books and translated literature, Patricia serves as board member of Outside In World (OIW), a Britain-based organization promoting children's literature in translation. She is the cohost of a popular webinar/seminar series Explorations in translation for children cooganzied by OIW and the Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing at the University of Reading, England. In addition to her publishing work, Patricia is a mindfulness and meditation teacher with international reach. She is currently based in Athens, Greece.

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