A Profitable Author Life You Love

How Would a Profitable Author Life You Love Change Things for You?

  • Do you want to build a sustainable side income from your book/s, author status, and expertise that can last 3-10+ years?

  • Do you want to increase book sales, exposure for yourself and your book, and your author reputation in a way that’s comfortable for you while meeting other life goals along the way?

  • Are you coachable and open to trying new things?

  • Do you know yourself well—your strengths, interests, other priorities, and larger life goals?

  • Are you ready to discover ways of marketing and selling your book that can be fun and easy for you?

  • Are you ready to customize an author life that works for you?

Use Your Book, Expertise, and Author Status to Transform Your Life

  • Create a sustainable side income from a single book or books for 3-10+ years!

  • Customize your author life to meet your needs.

  • Make marketing and sales fun and easy for you.

  • Achieve other life goals through your book.

  • Enjoy yourself, your hobbies, and new relationships along the way.

  • In short, transform your author experience from one of overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, and disappointment into one of enjoyment, personal and professional expansion, and more money.

A Profitable Author Life You Love

  • A Profitable Author Life You Love is a 10-session weekly or biweekly coaching/consulting package.

  • Commit to TEN 45-minute 1:1 weekly or biweekly coaching/consulting sessions by phone and doing your work in between calls.

  • Enjoy email and resources support throughout.

  • This is a semi-structured coaching program that takes you through eight areas I've identified that are most important for customizing your book/author sales and marketing program based on who you are and your best path to making money as an author

Why Work with Me?

  • I have helped over 100 authors directly and thousands more through lectures, programs, and workshops create profitable author lives they love.

  • Many of the authors I've helped have kept their profitable new author life going for 3-10+ years.

  • As an indie book publisher for 27 years, I've seen firsthandthrough trial and errorwhat works in a tough, ever-changing industry.

  • Of the various sub-specialties I developed in my career, this one's my favorite. And it comes with the biggest results for YOU.

  • Gain support, structure, confidence, encouragement, deep know-how, lots of ideas, and a customized plan.

  • Start a new author experience with increased visibility and book sales, personal and professional expansion, and more fun and satisfactionthat you can enjoy for as long as you'd like...3, 5, 10+ years

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  • A Profitable Author Life You Love is normally $1,299. Sign up and make a payment by December 31 and enjoy our special December Holiday price of $899 for pre-payment or $999  for 3 installments of $333 each. There are currently 4 openings. More availability coming February 1, 2023. Schedule your informational phone call below.

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