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A Profitable Author Life You Love

A Profitable Author Life You Love


This private, membership-based Facebook group was created from my 25+ years’ experience as an independent book publisher, publishing consultant, and author coach for all kinds of authors based on what my experience tells me many authors most want and need: A solid path forward for building, working on, or maintaining a holistic, income-generating, sustainable author career, business, or sideline they love. One customized around their interests, abilities, preferences, and personality.

A Profitable Author Life You Love is ongoing group author coaching, designed to provide you:

  • Structure and support

  • Business development

  • Mindset development

  • Big-picture perspectives and detailed advice

  • Accountability and fun

  • Ideas and inspiration, tried and true and fresh and original

  • Collaboration and community


All Authors?

Yes, any and all authors. Whether you’re new or established. Self-published or traditionally published. Whether you have one book or many. If you write fiction or nonfiction. If your books are trade, children’s, scholarly, professional, art, or educational books. Digital. Print. Both.

There’s a place for all kinds of books and authors in the publishing and reading ecosystem and we can learn and receive inspiration from all of it.




Monday through Friday expect a substantive post on the day’s theme and ask your questions on that topic.

  • Monday – Mindset and Personal Development, Goals and Vision

  • Tuesday – Events

  • Wednesday – Marketing and Media Outreach

  • Thursday – Sales

  • Friday – Business Development, Admin and Operations

On weekends, connect with the larger community and plan for the week ahead.

  • Saturday – Share Your Wins, Challenges, Questions with Community Members

  • Sunday – Day of Rest and/or Prepare for the Week Ahead



Your Job

  1. Please abide by all the courtesy and decorum, good-behavior rules of any online group like this. (Please see posted rules here, especially about when and what you can promote. This is a group for learning and growing author businesses, and not for selling to your fellow author members.)

  2. Adhere to the group’s strongly suggested guidelines:

  • Develop the habit of doing 5 things a day to promote your book/s and author life as consistently as possible.

  • Keep an open mind, primed to learn new things.

  • Consider all ideas and their rationale—for yourself, for future use, or as a template.

  • Do the work and try new things.

  • Participate and engage others.

  • Continue expanding your notion of what’s possible for you and your books and your career/business.

  • Work on using your book and author status to achieve other life goals.

  • See setbacks and obstacles as information, part of the process, and create alternative routes to your goals.

  • Savor and track your wins.



Membership is less than $1/day ($349 paid annually) if you’d like the option to take advantage of the refund policy if necessary. Otherwise, membership is less than $5/week ($249 paid annually) for a no-refund option—stay and invest in your profitable author life!

Membership is free for current coaching clients of Conspire If a membership has already been paid for, the remaining time will be available for extended us once coaching has ended.


Membership is reduced by $149 for those who buy Conspire Creative’s One Hour with a Publisher Call and pay for membership within 30 days of that call.


Members receive discounts on other Conspire Creative Services:


Refund Policy

We guarantee that every week you will learn enough valuable information to make back your investment multiple times. However, if you have taken the $349 membership level, and the group is not right for you, we will offer a full refund if requested in the first 30 days, or a refund for the unused portion of your membership after that.

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