One Hour Call with a

One Hour Call with a Publisher


What can a one-hour phone conversation with a seasoned book publisher do for you?

In most cases, one hour is enough time for an author or aspiring author to…

  • Get all your publishing questions answered

  • Hear a publisher’s opinion on different courses of action

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your book or book proposal

  • Discover workarounds for the obstacles you and/or your project face

  • Discuss nitty-gritty financial details of traditional vs. self-publishing

  • Receive marketing advice customized for you and your book

  • Strategize with an expert on the best publishing path forward for you and your book

I have been a book publisher for 27 years and have done hundreds of these calls in the last 20 years. Don’t wait. Prepare your questions and let me help you get your book project off to a strong start. You will gain confidence and clarity—and save time and money—by knowing just what to do, how to think about the process, and avoiding mistakes.